Nightingales: CRASH!!!


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Nightingales: CRASH!!!

Neighbors aren't always great, especially not at 7:00 a.m. when they're name-calling and issuing threats on a slight. It doesn't take much more than that and a smashed mirror to shatter the peace for five women who find themselves embroiled in a dark, supernatural mystery.  

Meet the Nightingales: Jo, Neveyah, Cressida, Monica and Lee-Lee.

In the pilot episode, CRASH!!!, readers enjoy a literal crash introduction into their lives. Jo's a genius bartender and Neveyah's a talented dancer at a popular Atlanta strip club.  Cressida is an aloof beauty with a roster of wealthy benefactors.  Monica is a no-nonsense IT law student and Lee-Lee is a shy grad student with supernatural abilities.  

When Cressida noisily moves into their apartment building, her presence unleashes a latent malevolent spirit bent on consuming her and destroying her new neighbors.


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